Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I am a us history student, and my teacher has asked us to make a blog about one of six topics: democracy, freedom, race, exceptionalism, the American Dream, and immigration. I chose exceptionalism, the idea that America is different from other countries. America seems unique to me, but I can't say how; so my job for the year is to figure it out. We're supposed to start out by identifying the state of our theme right now, so I've attached this link. It talks about Hillary Clinton's embrace of exceptionalism. This is noteworthy because the idea is usually a conservative one. But strangely, Donald Trump has disavowed it this year. But he is skeptical about some of the usual hallmarks of exceptionalism, from immigration to world leadership. At the moment, I agree with Clinton, but obviously I need to find out what's special about America.